Insightful tips for effective product management.

  • pdmpill 10 – How to interview your (potential) customers?

    The idea of interviewing customers is the heart of product management and is key in a competition-driven market and one of the healthy ways to find differentiation points with respect to your competition. From the multiple customer interview types, there are 4 types any product manager should know:

  • pdmpill 9 – What is customer development?

    Customer development is the practice of establishing a continuous and iterative communication line with your customers so that you can come up with ideas and feedback. Successful product managers test and validate product ideas with regard to the market.

  • pdmpill 8 – What is a feature table?

    A feature table helps product managers differentiate their products with regard to the competition. It is a synthetic and easy to digest report that can be used to communicate a differentiated MVP description in line with a clear value proposition when facilitating product strategy team meetings.

  • pdmpill 7 – What to monitor at your competitors?

    Successful product managers are capable of adapting the products they manage through change. Some changes can be introduced by external market factors affecting all or most of the competitors, but most changes emerge as part of the competition between the players in the market. One of the best ways to track changes in your competition…

  • pdmpill 6 – Pragmatic criteria to understand your competition

    In the previous pdmpill we talked about how to best identify competitors and how to classify them. Now let’s talk about some pragmatic criteria successful product managers have an eye on when understanding the competition.

  • pdmpill 5 – How to identify your competitors?

    Identifying your competitors as soon as possible is key when developing the strategy and the value proposition for a new business. There are four types of competitors:

  • pdmpill 4 – How to determine the market size?

    Market sizing is never accurate, no matter what method is used, but it doesn’t need to be. Remember that is better to be broadly right than precisely wrong. There are two strategies to estimate market size:

  • pdmpill 3 – How to develop a product?

    The product development process is the instrument every product manager should use. It is refined over the years by the product manager as he works on more products. The product manager could start with an approach like this.

  • pdmpill 2 – What is the typical product lifecycle?

    As a precondition, the founders and product managers work together to define the vision, the mission, the product values and identify the market opportunities. 1. Introduction – the Minimum Viable Product #mvp is launched with the objective of validating the riskiest assumptions with early adopters type of users. The team works fast and the product manager drives the product in a direction that is…

  • pdmpill 1 – What kind of product manager you can be?

    Today STRI.ML is launching a new initiative: the product management pill pdmpill. We will regularly share short, easy-to-digest bits of information in the field of product management. Some of them will be informative, while others will be an invitation to discussion or self-improvement through further investigation and research. What kind of product manager you can be? Internal Product Manager (Internal PdM):…

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