pdmpill 9 – What is customer development?

Customer development is the practice of establishing a continuous and iterative communication line with your customers so that you can come up with ideas and feedback. Successful product managers test and validate product ideas with regard to the market.

The customer development framework was proposed by Steve Blank and consists of four major steps:

  1. Customer discovery – discover your customers and their needs you might be able to satisfy.
  2. Customer validation – validate that your product can satisfy your customer’s needs.
  3. Customer creation – step across the chasm and determine whether your product will satisfy the customers’ needs at scale
  4. Company building – scale operations to support the growth of your business.

By Cristian URECHE

Cristian is a Senior Product Manager with experience shipping tech products in more than 30 countries. He later became an entrepreneur and built an award-winning IoT startup pioneering PropTech and smart access technologies. He was invited out of 2,000 entrepreneurs to join the French Tech Ticket program in Paris for one year. Besides possessing expertise in AI, Cristian is well versed in the end-to-end product development cycle with an active and influential leadership style.