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  • pdmpill 11 – How to talk to your customers “pre” product-market fit and “post”?

    Believe it or not, “pre” and “post” product-market fit are two different worlds that require different approaches, different mindsets, different budgets, and, of course, different resources in your team. While no one can argue with regards to the awesomeness of finding product-market fit, executing a confirmed plan can be tricky since we all know “the […]

  • pdmpill 7 – What to monitor at your competitors?

    Successful product managers are capable of adapting the products they manage through change. Some changes can be introduced by external market factors affecting all or most of the competitors, but most changes emerge as part of the competition between the players in the market. One of the best ways to track changes in your competition […]

  • pdmpill 2 – What is the typical product lifecycle?

    As a precondition, the founders and product managers work together to define the vision, the mission, the product values and identify the market opportunities. 1. Introduction – the Minimum Viable Product #mvp is launched with the objective of validating the riskiest assumptions with early adopters type of users. The team works fast and the product manager drives the product in a direction that is […]