Show Product with Confidence

pdmpill 16 – Top 3 techniques to show your product

Learning how to properly show your product is crucial when you want to build an innovation culture inside your product company. While the level of innovation inside companies statistically decreases as the companies get bigger, champions in innovation systematically apply a culture of experimentation as well as a culture of discovery techniques. One of the underlying initiatives is to show your product to your real or prospective users and customers as well as other stakeholders.

There are three different techniques for showing the product. Successful product managers have to be careful to use the right technique for the right situation.

Top 3 techniques to show your product

A user test is when we test our product ideas with real users. We let the user drive during a usability and desirability UX research study with the purpose to test the usability and value of the product.

A product demo is when we sell the product to prospective users and customers. Product marketing usually created a scripted product demo, but the product manager can conduct the demo as well. The purpose is to show off the value of the product.

A walkthrough is when we show the product to a stakeholder. The product manager usually drives, but if the stakeholder would like to play with the product, we would be more than happy to let them. The purpose is to give the stakeholder the opportunity to spot a problem.