pdmpill 1 – What kind of product manager you can be?

Today STRI.ML is launching a new initiative: the product management pill pdmpill. We will regularly share short, easy-to-digest bits of information in the field of product management. Some of them will be informative, while others will be an invitation to discussion or self-improvement through further investigation and research.

What kind of product manager you can be?

Internal Product Manager (Internal PdM): works on internal tools and products within an organization building relationships with key stakeholders across departments.

Business-to-Business Product Manager (B2B PdM): coordinates enterprise products with a focus on scalability, security, performance, and optimization.

Business-to-Consumer Product Manager (B2C PdM): delights consumers with clever products actively playing the user’s advocate role. Experienced B2C PdMs do not fall in the trap of vanity metrics and conceive emotion-driven lifecycle retention frameworks.

By Cristian URECHE

Cristian is a Senior Product Manager with experience shipping tech products in more than 30 countries. He later became an entrepreneur and built an award-winning IoT startup pioneering PropTech and smart access technologies. He was invited out of 2,000 entrepreneurs to join the French Tech Ticket program in Paris for one year. Besides possessing expertise in AI, Cristian is well versed in the end-to-end product development cycle with an active and influential leadership style.