pdmpill 1 – What kind of product manager you can be?

Today STRI.ML is launching a new initiative: the product management pill pdmpill. We will regularly share short, easy-to-digest bits of information in the field of product management. Some of them will be informative, while others will be an invitation to discussion or self-improvement through further investigation and research.

What kind of product manager you can be?

Internal Product Manager (Internal PdM): works on internal tools and products within an organization building relationships with key stakeholders across departments.

Business-to-Business Product Manager (B2B PdM): coordinates enterprise products with a focus on scalability, security, performance, and optimization.

Business-to-Consumer Product Manager (B2C PdM): delights consumers with clever products actively playing the user’s advocate role. Experienced B2C PdMs do not fall in the trap of vanity metrics and conceive emotion-driven lifecycle retention frameworks.